the panzer 4 was a very good tank.

the panzer 4 was a very good was the first of it,s had a very good 75mm gun and 2 macine had a good speed of 24mph.over 10,000 were had a crew of 5.the gun was could fire 1 shell every 5 seconds.the armor was very was sometimes as high as 80mm thick.the tank was a infantry support enter prodution in first saw combat in poland and then the low countrys and france were it was the main weopen of the blitzkerig tactics.then in north africa were british tanks feared the panzer then the invaision of russia but then it started to get outclassed by the t34s. but it still was a good tank but when the m4 sherman came into the war in 1942 the panzer 4 was 1942 panzer 4s fought in 1944 the battlefeild was ruled by tigers,panters,shermans and t34s.the panzer 4 was one of the best tanks ever

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