the type 95 had a poor 37mm gun and only 12mm thick armor

the type 95 was a light tank used by the japnese in world war had a 37mm gun and 2 machine guns.the armor was 12mm thick and could be damaged by small arms fire.the type 95 was a good tank at the time but when it faced U.S sherman tanks the type 95 was no match for could fight M3 light tanks but when the M5 light tank came in it could still fight it but became more and more outclassed by western had seen in all theaters of the pacific 1944 it,s golden age was over and it,s last stand happend on okinawa when 11 type 95s went against over 800 american shermans.But it had good speed,28mhp.over 2000 were bulit

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