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this wiki is to honer and remember the tanks from ww1 to ww2.all information is to my and other peoples can make pages your self.i made this wiki because i knew a lot of stuff about tanks.

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  • new page Panzer 4
    created by Wwethan
    New page: the panzer 4 was a very good tank.Added by Wwethan the panzer 4 was a very good was the first of it,s had a very good 75mm gun and 2...
    Summary: the panzer 4 was a good tank
    Added photo:
  • new page Ho-ni-1
    created by Wwethan
    New page: type 1 ho-ni 1 saw very little combat.Added by WwethanThe type ho-ni 1 could be said anything but had a 75mm gun and no machine went...
    Summary: this was a piece of crap
    Added photo:
  • new page Type 97 chi ha meidium tank
    created by Wwethan
    New page: the type 97 shinhoto was a improved variant of the type 97 chi-haAdded by Wwethan the type 97 tank was a meidium japnese tank armed with a 57mm gun...
    Added photo:
  • new page Type 95 tank
    created by Wwethan
    New page: the type 95 had a poor 37mm gun and only 12mm thick armorAdded by Wwethanthe type 95 was a light tank used by the japnese in world war had a...
    Summary: the type 95 was a japnese light tank
    Added photo:

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  • new page T34
    created by Wwetthan
    New page: this is a t34 tank used in the finish-rosso warAdded by Wwetthan the t34 tank was one of the best tanks of world war 2
    Added photo:

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  • page moved Main Page
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    Renamed: World war tank Wiki
    Summary: SEO

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